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For All your Vehicle Graphics & Wrap Aftercare & Cleaning Instructions.


How do I Care for my Vehicle Wrap?

It is important to look after you new vehicle wrap correctly so that you enjoy it for the term of it's life.

Washing Guidelines.

The best way to wash your vehicle is by hand with a soft, non-abrasive cloth using a mild (solvent and alcohol free) cleaner and, after a complete rinse, let the vehicle air dry.  Simple hot water and soap hand wash.

Stubborn contaminants that remain can be safely removed with mineral spirits.
We advise not to use cash washers or jet sprays to clean your car. 

Protective Cleaners & Polish.

We now have a specific range of vehicle wrap material care cleaners and polishes that compliment the life and shine of your vehicle.

CroftgateUSA Wrap Care products are recommended by the PGITA and we are a member of the European Car Wrapping Assocation.

The After Care products are designed to clean, enhance and protect the vinyl material keeping it looking newer for longer.

Matt & Gloss Cleaner and Matt & Gloss Sealant are both suitable for all vinyl finishes, including gloss, matt, satin, chrome, carbon fibre, brushed metallic and textured films.

Gloss & Colour Enhancer is specifically for Chrome and high gloss wraps and it enhances the shine and reflection with an amazing effect.

Our preparation products are desgined for installers and they enable the best possible surface for vinyl adhesion, giving the best possible application and keeps it lasting longer.

Please ask a member of the team at the production unit before you leave or email or call for more details or to purchase. 


BMW Sport - Was silver now fullt wrapped in Ice White 3M 1080 series - including door shuts and hard top

What if My Vehicle Graphics are Damaged?

Should your vehicle graphics become damaged (through accident, abuse, vandalism or the like), we can assist you in obtaining replacement graphics. There will be a charge for the replacement items.

In situations like this, we recommend that entire side or rear of the vehicle wrap be replaced to provide a good color match, and to keep your rolling billboard looking good.

We can replace a component of the wrap (called a panel); but if only a panel is replaced, it’s color will be noticeably different than the “older” wrapped parts due to normal weathering and ink lot variation.

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