Vehicle Wrapping Buyers Guide

What is Vehicle Wrapping Exactly?

We demonstrate the differing techniques for applying wrapping films into different types of recess. Going through the process steps taken from cleaning to applying and post heating. These can be removed with relative ease, making it much less expensive to change from one advertisement to another. Vehicles with large, flat surfaces, such as buses and light-rail carriages, are fairly easy to work with, though smaller cars with curved surfaces can also be wrapped in this manner.

Specialist Vehicle Wrapping Company with 25 years experience.

The appearance and distinctive branding of your vehicle or fleet of vehicles visually describes and subconsciously relays the quality and reliability of the services you provide to your everyday market, and the type of business your are or have become. image is everything!

Advertising 24/7/365 - on the move.

Securing new business is now more difficult than ever, so it is extremely important to make a good impression and one of professional impact, stand out from the crowd and get noticed. A vehicle wrap is an investment into your business marketing and advertising and will show a very quick return.

Dedicated Vehicle Wrapping Media Engineers.

We can transform your vehicles into striking mobile advertising billboards that will promote your company and its services every hour of the day, every day of the week with vibrant , eye catching and stimulating vehicle graphic solutions.

Vehicle Wrapping - The facts are simple.... Vehicle Wraps are seen all the time on the move and can't be switched off by the consume, like the radio or television. Wherever people are present they are spotted and people engage and discuss their presents and creative, impressive and clever they are. Offering great value for money advertising on your own space.

A vehicle wrap offers superb bodywork protection and this is a major benefit when it's time to be removed. Leaving the paintwork underneath virtually unmarked and as fresh as the day the wrap was applied. Provide lasting protection for older vehicles in your fleet and also revitalising them. This could possibly remove the need to replace those vehicles as early as might usually do.

It's A Wrap Branding, UK. & OUR Recess Wrapping Techniques - the materials, AVERY, HEXIS & 3M 1080 Colour Range iJ180, iJ380 & iJ480 - Controltac.

3M demonstrate the differing techniques for applying 3M wrapping films into different types of recess. Going through the process steps taken from cleaning to applying and post heating.
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What should you look for in a vehicle wrap?

3M Authorised Graphic Trainers at 3M Advanced Technical Specialist have produced this guide to equip you with hints, tips and questions you should be asking when you consider wrapping your vehicle. Above all, with vehicle wraps, the major tip is you get what you pay for.

The key to a good wrap is in the detail, preparation design and application finish.

It's A Wrap Branding, UK.

We are trained certified and recognised in the industry as one of the Top UK vehicle wrapping companies and one the preferred set of application technicians for the South Coast. We are also trained in the print and application of these various wrapping films, materials and vinyl materials for all graphics, signage, vehicle wraps and applications.

The Company
& The Questions you
should ask them.

Are they specialists in vehicle wrapping?

Vehicle wrapping requires skilled and experienced specialist fitting. Ask to see pictures and evidence of wraps they have completed Customer testimonials or contacts to speak to are also a good indication of a quality wrapping specialist.

Have they got heated and covered premises to work in?

The optimum air temperature for applying a vehicle wrap is around 22°C, the film is more conformable and less brittle and the adhesive is able to flow more quickly. The environment your vehicle is wrapped in is critical to the longevity of the wrap.

Is it a dust free clean environment?

Vehicles have to be dust free to ensure a full bond between film and vehicle, any contaminates on the surface of the vehicle will reduce the bond between the adhesive and the vehicle.

Have their fitters attended 3M training?

If your vehicle is being wrapped in 3M IJ380 film there are specialist techniques involved in applying the material, which your wrapper needs to know.

Do they give you confidence?

The Wrap A high quality wrap can take up to 15 hours. Anything short of a day for a full wrap on an average size car should be questioned.

What material are they using?

If you have specified 3M make sure that’s what you are getting and paying for. Make sure you see a sample of the film and colour you want. If your vehicle is being fully wrapped, a cast vinyl should be used to provide the necessary amount of conformability to stretch around the challenging panels on the vehicle.

possible Added costs to your insurance?

Has the wrapper advised you that the wrap is considered a modification by insurers, so might incur a charge?

What is the condition of your car’s bodywork?

Any wrapper should be asking questions regarding the quality of your car’s paint work to make sure it’s suitable for wrapping. Any fresh or new paint work must be properly cured

If you’re having a digitally printed image make sure logos, images, lettering, etc are exactly where you want them. Bear in mind, if any text or logos are placed on curves on the design, they may become distorted when applied to your vehicle. We’d recommend logos, lettering and important imagery are positioned on flat surfaces

Make sure door, bonnet and boot wrap edges have all been trimmed and correctly applied.

This is just a small selection of our vehicle wraps and digitally printed vinyl graphics for vehicle branding.

Please take a look further at our portfolio page of most recent projects. [ VIEW HERE ]

Give Your vehicle the ultimate colour change Make-Over

We use materials and wrapping films from 3M, Hexis and Avery. They provide a huge range of colours and this is just an example of them. Please give us a call if there is a specific colour, finish or texture you are after and we will do our very best to accommodate your requirements.

If you are interested in any of our vinyl wrapping materials and require further advice just give us a call or drop us an email and a member of the sales team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Give us a call at it's a wrap Branding, uk.

Give us a call at It's a Wrap Branding, UK to find out how we can help you and what we can do for your vehicles.
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Payment Methods

We accept all major credit and debit cards. Cash Cheques and Bank Transfer payments. Please note that if paying by cheque, all payments will need to clear before any works can commence on the production, print or application.

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