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Paint Protection Film PPF Clear Vehicle Wraps


We are The Vehicle Paint Protective FiLM PPF & Clear Wrap Specialists.

HEXIS BodyFence & 3M™ VentureShield™ Paint Protection Films

HEXIS BodyFence & 3M™ VentureShield™ Paint Protection Film is the cost effective choice for vehicle protection. The tough properties of this film will protect the most vulnerable painted surfaces of your vehicle.

  • Professionally installed, computer designed kits ensure perfect fit.
  • Virtually clear film eliminates stone ships, scratches and paint damage.
  • Optional 60" film allows full hood or whole vehicle coverage.
  • Perfect for bumper covers, door pull cavities, side mirrors, hoods, door edges, trunk ledges and rocker panels.

  • 3m-ventureshield-stone-chip-protection-clear-wrapping


    PPF films are made from clear polyurethane, they are applied to vehicles to protect them from chips, scratches or swirls caused by road debris, rocks, bug droppings and other environmental elements.

    HEXIS BodyFence & 3M™ VentureShield™ Paint Protection Film 7510CC/CS-LD is a 6.4 mil (163 micron) clear-coated urethane film, coated with a clear acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA). The film is specifically designed for surface protection of painted, gel coated or other surfaces with aesthetic requirements. The film helps protect from stone chips, scratches, bug damage, road tar stains and automotive fluid stains, as well as punishing outdoor weathering. VentureShield Paint Protection Film 7510 CC/CS-LD applies easily and maintains its clarity, durability and superior performance over a wide range of environmental conditions.


    What ARE the benefits of PPF.

    • Protection From Stones, Debris, Bugs, Bird Droppings, Light Scratches and Swirls
    • Self Healing From Light Scratches and Swirls
    • Optically Clear
    • High Gloss Finish
    • Keeps The Original Paintwork Pristine
    • Maintains A Higher Resale Value
    • 7-10 Year Warranty

    PPF films are made from clear polyurethane, they are applied to vehicles to protect them from chips, scratches or swirls caused by road debris, rocks, bug droppings and other environmental elements.

  • High performance surface protection film is ideal for use on painted or unpainted materials, gel coat, fiberglass or other smooth surfaces.
  • Cuts and installs easily.
  • Maintains clarity, guaranteed not to crack with UV or salt spray exposure.
  • Excels in high heat and humidity environmental conditions.

  • HEXIS BodyFence & 3M VentureShield™ Films for PAINT PROTECTION - PPF

    Price Structure & Packages

    Here at It's A Wrap UK we offer the following paint protection film - PPF packages which we feel offer protection to the most important keyarea's based on the budget and your available spend. We are able to tailor make a package to best suit any specific areas you would like to protect. *The prices below are a guide and will be specific to the vehicle size and model.

    Front End Paint Protection Package 1 - From £1225.00 + vat

    Front Bumper, Full Bonnet, Front Wings & Headlights.

    Superior Front End Paint Protection Package 2 - From £1445+vat

    Front Bumper, Full Bonnet, Front Wings, Headlights, Side Skirts, Rear Arches, A-Posts, Front Roof Edge & Wing Mirror.

    FULL COMPLETE COVERAGE Paint Protection Package 3 - From £3495.00 + vat

    Coverage to all Painted Surfaces to include any Carbon area & Headlights.

    CUSTOM PPF Package 4 - From £150.00 + vat

    You decide the key areas you would like to have protected.


    HEXIS BodyFence & 3M™ VentureShield™ virtually eliminates the risk of stone chips, scratches and paint damage to your car, while helping to retain its residual value. Made from optically clear, extremely tough urethane film, a digitally-designed, bespoke template for your car will be fitted by specially-trained installers, to achieve the protection you need for your bumpers, headlights, wings, wing mirrors and bonnet.

    PRESTIGE Cars, Vans & ALMost ALL Vehicle Types

    We've been designing templates and manufacturing VentureShield for many years, so we have a great understanding of vehicle contours, and we can produce a templates for any vehicle with optimal coverage and protection. Whether you want standard coverage to protect the most vulnerable areas of your car from damage, extended coverage to fully wrap your bonnet for improved aesthetics, or even full vehicle coverage for ultimate car paint protection, we have a protective film solution for you. Our dedicated template engineers produce bespoke designs for each make and model of vehicle as soon as they hit the road, helping you to have total peace of mind, knowing that the kit will fit perfectly first time, with no cutting of the film on the car needed. 

    We only sell VentureShield through a national network of trained and approved installers, so you can have confidence in the standard of work they carry out. Whether on a supermini, family hatchback or supercar, the level of care and attention that they deliver is second to none.

    Motorbikes Paint Protection Films - PPF

    As opposed to car kits, which have to be professionally installed due to their complexity and size, bike kits are specifically designed to be DIY fit and easy to install. The areas they cover are generally quite small, so there is much less complexity in the shapes and contours they fit around. The coverage still means you get optimum protection against chips and scuffs but you benefit from reduced cost, being DIY fit. Most makes and models of bike since 2000 have a specific template already designed and we continue to produce new ones each week. We try and get hold of press bikes or demo bikes, so we can see each and every area that gets damaged and then make a corresponding template.

    With the increasing popularity of matte paint finishes, we also have a matte film, so that you get the same levels of protection but are able to maintain the matte finish of the bike.

    Motorsport Paint Protection Films - PPF

    Taking part in motorsports means higher speeds for your car or motorbike, with more debris and potential for surface damage, which can be costly to repair, especially on carbon fibre panels. VentureShield is tested and used at the pinnacle of 2 and 4 wheel motorsport and has a race-proven heritage all around the world. Whether you want to protect the sponsor’s logos from getting damaged, or stop debris from taking chunks out of carbon fibre panels, VentureShield will ensure you’re on the track for longer, rather than in the paintshop.

    Other uses - Paint Protection Films - PPF

    When you have a need for surface protection, chances are you need VentureShield. It's used on pleasure boats and super yachts to prevent abrasion from fenders and ropes, as well as being applied around the scum line to prevent unsightly stains on the hull, and make cleaning easier.

    Paint Protection FILM & CLEAR WRAP Specifications

    Door Edges,‎ Door Handle Cavities,‎ Full or Partial Hoods,‎ Protecting Front Bumpers,‎ Rear Fender Panels,‎ Rocker Panels,‎ Side Mirrors,‎ Trunk Ledges
    COLOUR: Optically Clear/Transparent
    Thermoplastic, polyurethane film with pressure sensitive adhesive designed to adhere to automotive paint systems
    *Professional installation by a certified 3M Installer.
    12 Inch,‎ 18 Inch,‎ 24 Inch,‎ 30 Inch,‎ 36 Inch,‎ 48 Inch
    3M WARRANTY: 5 - 10 year limited
    HEXIS WARRANTY: 7 - 10 year limited
    Download Technical Data Sheet
    Download Vehicle Owner Care Instructions and Warranty

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