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Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ's

Car Wrapping & Protection

Can I install the wrap myself?

No. In order to ensure the quality, appearance and durability of your wrap, it is important that a trained and experienced installer performs the installation for you.

How long will my wrap last?

Your wrap properly installed and properly maintained, is warranted to remain in acceptable viewing condition for three years or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first. They are also warranted to be removable within that period.

How do I clean my wrap?

Wash the vehicle by hand using a mild detergent with no additives such as wax. Or, take it through a brushless car wash, but don't use the wax option. Dry thoroughly to avoid spotting.

Will the wrap damage the finish of my car?

Removal within the wraps warranty period is very unlikely to cause any damage. Areas that have been covered by the wrap material may in fact appear more vibrant and glossier having been protected from the elements by the wrap.

Will the colour of my printed wrap look exactly the same as on my monitor?

In most cases you will not notice any difference. Because of the wide array of monitors and monitor settings, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the colours you see on your monitor. For printed wraps, please prepare a colour reference and we will endeavour to match the colour as closely as possible.

Who does the installation & where?

We at It's a Wrap UK are trained, authorised, accredited and approved Vehicle Wrappers. We will do a very high quality installation/application for you and can cover your fleet vehicle requirements nationwide.

Is my wrap durable in all weather?

Yes. Our wrapping materials are made and tested to withstand the elements. You can help protect the beauty and life of your wrap by storing your vehicle inside when possible, and regular and thorough cleaning.

Can the wrap be removed?

Yes. When removed within the 3M warranty period, they are guaranteed to remove cleanly. If any residue remains, it is easily cleaned off. Professional removal is recommended. It's a Wrap UK can offer this service.

What are the printed wrapping materials made of?

They are 3M high performance graphic films and protected by a glossy laminate. The graphics are inkjet printed.

Can I wrap just parts of my Vehicle rather than the all of it?

Certainly, yes. In fact some of the most unique and interesting wraps have been just doing detailing like the roof, bonnet, wing mirrors or front grill. It’s a great way to personalise your car without going to the expense of a full wrap.

Vehicle, Car, Van Styling Etc.

What Vehicle graphics are available?

You can have any text or design printed, or can use a solid coloured film and cut it into a specific shape. You can do a combination of both! Here at It's a Wrap UK we can help you create and realise your own unique design. [Click Here for Design Information]

What is a vehicle tattoo?

A car tattoo is, similar to skin tatoos, a text, a design, an ornament or whatever you like, just on your car's body and not on your skin. Different to skin tattoos, a car tattoo should be easy to remove, if you chose the right vinyl film.

Can the film damage my Vehicle's paint?

3M car wrapping films are tested for compatibility with many of the commonly used paint systems in the automotive industry. Decades of experience show that our adhesives typically don’t chemically react with the paint. However, there are some points to consider to ensure the paint remains unaffected;
Paint must be completely dry prior to the application of graphic films.
Improper paint repair can have low tack to the car body, meaning that some may be pulled off along with the film on removal.

Something to note however is that when your car paint is covered by a graphic film, it is better protected against UV rays, dirt and other mechanical impact than the uncovered areas. So it may be necessary to polish the car to bring both the previously wrapped part and unwrapped part to the same finish.

Can I apply the Vehicle graphics myself?

Yes, if you think you have the experience and skills. It is better not to however if you are unsure. The larger the graphic is and the more surface contours and edges that are involved, the more skills that are needed. Even for smaller graphics, you need to be clear on how to prepare the surface and handle the film in order to get the best results and for the film to last as long as it should. 

3M offer a great range of special adhesive features that make applying films so much easier:
Films featuring 3M™Controltac™ Adhesive Technology let you 'hover' the graphic over the surface you wish to apply to and only effect full adhesion once you apply pressure to the surface. This slideability means that you can line up the graphic perfectly before committing to the location.  

Films with 3M™ Comply™ Adhesive Technology feature tiny air release channels in their adhesive. Trapped air under the film that occur during application and would usually result in frustrating bubbles in the film, can easily be pushed out of the film for wrinkle and bubble-free application, avoiding the need to cut the bubble to release the air. 

Discuss the application of your graphic with your trusted 3M Select Partner to decide whether self-application is a reasonable option.

How can I wash my car after the film has been applied?

You may continue to use your regular automatic car wash, or continue to hand-wash following the application of the film. Do ask your 3M Select Partner for more details.
A few hints:
Don't wash you car for the first week following application to ensure the graphic film reaches maximum adherence. You may need to wait even longer if the weather is very cold.

Take care when using high-pressure cleaners and ensure that the water temperature is not over 60°C, spray from a distance of 50cm or more and don't aim directly at the film edges.

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We strive to bring you the very best service and quality workmanship at a consistently high level. Our production team regularly attend 3M accredited courses and keep up with top end industry technology and techniques in order to achieve this.


Listening to the needs of our customers, offering good product advice and maintaining high customer service levels is our priority. We want you to leave happy… and we want you to come back! Growing longstanding relationships and understanding our customers is important to us and excellent communication is key. We are here to help you to realise your vision.


We will always use the best materials for each job we undertake. We will not cut corners or falsely economise on cheaper materials in an attempt at cost cutting. The work that we produce will be representing your business and as such, needs to look professional and attract attention for the right reasons.

Full Car Wrap Colour Change
& Striping to BMW z4.

Full vehicle wrapping and colour change to a BMW Z4 including door shuts and striping digitally printed with uv laminate. Take a look at the video to see the full process unfold.

6 Great Reasons to choose us.

3M approved vehicle wrappers.
15 years industry experience.
Top quality workmanship using tried and tested methods.
Professional and attentive team of designers and fitters with exceptional customer service skills.
Excellent value for money - various design/installation packages to suit your budget.
An extensive portfolio of work with excellent testimonials from respected businesses up and down the country.