we offer every customer our Price Guarantee!

Our policy is simple,....where you find a competitor's price lower on any like for like quotation we will beat it by 10%, and we're committed to that.

We check industry prices regularly and whenever we find a lower like for like price, we drop our costs so we stay the most competitive without compromising our characteristic quality. We will always advise you on the best material type for any specific project.

We don't pretend to be the lowest at every instant on everything, which is why we offer every customer our Price Guarantee. Our price guarantee excludes trade quotes, special offers, discounts and liquidations.


"Where you find a competitor’s price lower on any like for like quote, WE’LL BEAT IT BY10%"

Not happy with your quote, had better elsewhere? “We WANT your business” and we’re happy to WORK for it.
Let’s get you happy with the PRICE, let’s get you WORKING with US!
We understand that everyone is working with a budget and it’s our job to help you get the very best for your money.

Competitive like for like pricing is just the beginning… that's our policy that's our promise & our guarantee!

Spencer Adams - Managing Director
It’s a Wrap UK

Est. 2007 - Celebrating over 10 years in business in this industry & sector.

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